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MT2HV11DC Manual Tilter 300

mt2hv11dc  This power-grip vacuum lifter provides an economical way for
a single person to lift and tilt loads.

Features at a glance...

• Standard pad spread 279mm x 584mm • SWL 135kg
• Low vacuum warning light • Low vacuum warning buzzer
• On board battery charger • Vacuum warning gauges
• Reserve vacuum tank • Load movement manual tilt 90 degree



Standard Pad Spread 11" x 23" [279 x 584 mm]
Number / Size of Pads 2 / 10" [25 cm] dia. lipped
Load Capacity
(On smooth, nonporous surfaces. Please contact us for recommendations on other surfaces.)
300 lbs [135 kg]
Unit Weight 51 lbs [24 kg]
Standard Operating Power 12 volts DC, 10 amps (Other voltages available)
Apply 3 seconds (approximately)
Release 3 seconds (approximately)
Load Movement Manual tilt, 90 between upright and flat
Standard Features Low vacuum warning light
Low vacuum warning buzzer
Vacuum gauge
Vacuum Line Filter
Vacuum reserve tank
On-board battery and charger
Battery energy gauge