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Oktopus GL-CC777300

gl-cc777300glasshandler  Range of application:
Suitable for lifting and moving of large format glass panels in combination with a mini crane.
Crane attachment for use on MC285, MC305, MC405

Features at a glance...

• Mounting directly at the crane arm • Integrated reserve vacuum
• 2 independent vacuum circuits, each vacuum
circuit with dual safety system
• Integrated gauge, monitoring the vacuum
and power supply
• All pneumatic functions by remote control • Extension arms
• Fulfils DIN EN 13155 requirements • Weight of device: vacuum unit: approx. 123kg 
• Batteries attached on the lower end of
the crane arm
• Electric actuators for a precise, seamless
• Rotating (95), swivelling (+40) and
tilting (120)
• Safe working load: 300kg/600kg
(400mm suction cups)



The building panels to be processed Must be air impermeable on the suction surfaces
Have a clean and even surface
May not be covered by a protective film
Safe Working Load 300 kg (4 suction cups ∅ 400 mm)
Weight of device Vacuum unit: approx. 123kg
Controls Radio remote control
Power Supply 24V Battery
Vacuum production Vacuum pump